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The Sandham Photographers PO and Peder photograph in the archipelago around Sandhamn. Nature experiences among the Islands & At Sea provide many “camera moments” that we want to share with you.


There are more pictures under each heading!

Peder’s images

There are more pictures under each heading!

PO’s Images


Framed Photo

Do you want to buy a framed photo, have look at the alternatives by clicking the framed icon, mail to Peder or PO.


Order print of image according to custom size and paper quality, mail to PO or Peder.

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About Peder

3rd generation from Sandhamn, has been running the event company Sandhamnsguiderna together with Fredrik Sjöblom for more than fifteen years. Always photographing, preferably from the kayak in the area around Sandhamn. The camera is a constant companion.


About PO

Sandhamn resident since 3 generation.
A dedicated photographer, artist and archipelago enthusiast who wants to convey his experiences among skerries and islets in Sandhamn’s vicinity.

Galleri Peder

PO’s Bilder